Since 1982, GRUP Tekstil has been working to create differentiated fabrics for women’s wear. Our story starts with yarns, continues with fabrics – first wovens (tafeta, etc.) than the knits… For almost 20 years we have been working with women’s knitwear producers. We strive to provide them with innovation, quality, capacity, and good pricing. With ten million dollars in sales (half of which is from exports) and around fifty employees, we believe we are walking in the right direction.

Let’s talk about our range of fabrics. At GRUP Tekstil, we work mostly with synthetic yarns to create beautiful knits. Our expertise have always been with synthetic yarns right from the start. We use yarns made of rayon, polyester, acetate, polyamide, staple viscose, staple polyester. We sometimes blend them into new fancy yarns, or we blend the yarns on the knitting machines. We love to combine different yarns together.

We are experts in filament crepe yarns & fabrics. We have our own facility to twist & blend our own creations. We twist our yarns up to (but not limited by) 3000 tpms to achieve our special touches.

At GRUP Tekstil, we have a high understanding of quality. In our business of various fabrics with various yarns, it is more difficult to achieve quality from an end-user’s viewpoint. We believe we are one of best choices out there to supply fancy fabrics with excellent quality. All our fabrics are tested according to end-user requirements before being shipped.

So, let’s meet and talk business. We are the best in our field. If you are looking for a knitted fabric supplier specialized in synthetics & crepes, we are the company you have been waiting for.